Adventure Therapy Europe

In Europe at the moment we have no common language, attitude and skills to work with „Adventure Therapy“ as method in the field of youthwork.

A group of seven european organizations are already to change this.

Our main goals are:

  • To provide a platform where youth workers can share knowledge, experience and resources regarding AT as an approach.
  • To create a common understanding and language of AT in Europe and define this into clear and effective guidelines.
  • To explore AT as a method used in youth work and experiment with new practices, f.e. through organizing youth exchanges on an international level and to try out the guidelines on a national level.

Mental health amongst youngsters is a tremendous challenge for our society. The number of youngsters dealing with socio-emotional problems like depression or anxiousness and other related mental troubles has reached an alarming level, resulting in a most dramatic number of suicides amongst youngsters.

Youthwork associations, sporting clubs and schools can no longer assume that this situation needs to be addressed in specialized therapeutic or psychiatric hospitals only. It is our duty to assure the mental and physical well-being of youngsters and young adults the best we can. Through non-formal learning and experiential education programs in their free-time these youngsters could benefit from some of the same aspects as they would in therapy.