Biographical work in Nature (ERASMUS+)


Train of Trainer Course (ERASMUS+ | mobility for youth workers | K1)


11.09. – 14.09.2015
Location: Ruhpolding | Germany | Labenbachhof

The course is requested as a mobility measure for youth worker about „Youth in Action“  ERASMUS+. In July 2015, there will be certainty as to whether the measure is encouraged. You can SIGN IN now, a final confirmation can unfortunately be sent only after confirmation of the German National Agency (NA).

The seminar promotes self-awareness through experiential methods and nature-based experiences with their own biographical roots, topics and life experiences.
This is a basic requirement for own socio-therapeutic work as a specialist in youth work and sees itself as a building block of European understanding.

Only those who are his own history and biography is aware of and accepted as part of himself, will not perceive „FOREIGN“ as threatening and risky.
The „natural area“ is used in this context as a neutral place of experience, encounter and as a metaphorical connection.

Which itself is self-confidence and share through their own biographical experiences, cultural influences, socio-political influences, role models, professional attitudes and family background serves both more professional in the field of social work with young people and migrants by creating access to life experiences of other European youth working colleges and while facilitating the access of working with migrants.

It thus find target tracks on different levels:

  1. the professionalization at the level of their own professional development and skills development (eg specific socio-therapeutic work with young people in general, working with young people with a migration background in particular)
  2. the promotion of intercultural understanding in personal space, which allows further development of European identity, knowledge / Experience / Experience, recognition and appreciation of diversity based on life histories in Europe.

The seminar consists of various modules that will support the achievement of the objectives:

  • self-experiential exercises
  • sharing individual life stories and their own experiences
  • Expansion of own methodological skills to use these in their own specific work with young people
  • introduce the possibility of its own methods and be open to discussion (meta-reflection on itself injected methods – Participation of stakeholders) e) exchange of „best-practice“ experiences in the context of life history of youth work

Location: Labenbachhof
Froschsee 7
D – 83324 Ruhpolding