1st Aid Outdoor- and emergency management


08.04.2016 – 10.04.2016
Schwangau | Füssen (south of Germany)
OUTWARD BOUND Deutschland e.V. | Bildungshaus
Facilitator: Herbert Ringer
Language: english/ german

Risk and Safety Aspects – Emergency Measures – Crisis Intervention
Solotime formats | Vision Quest | QUEST formats

Despite taking into account all risk & safety aspects as well as the exact location planning for solo times can not be excluded completely that group participants or even the lead person injured.

In mild and serious accidents during a solo time, the scenarios and the associated emergency measures usually make them more complex than everyday accidents environment.

A necessary recovery of the injured person out of a danger area, a present and a group, it is difficult for rescue teams to be achieved terrain complicate the coordination and the approach of the necessary rescue measures.

Not only the accident victim himself, the remaining group participants and the associated herewith in an emergency group psychological aspects are taken into account.

Emotionally stressful situations as they bring mainly due to accidents to require concepts of emergency management and crisis intervention for group leader and organizers.

Due to the orientation of the accident scenarios in the world of the participants a high relation to reality is made and highlights the relevance for everyday life.

Thus, it is no longer just about FIRST AID skills, but to ensure optimum use of resources and expertise in the field of tension between emergency accident management group.

Contents of the first aid Outdoor & Emergency Management Training:

  • Emergency measures in the solo terrain and patients CHECK
  • Emergency and helicopter training
  • Wound care, sports injury and fractures
  • thermal effect (heat / cold)
  • makeshift transportation
  • Shock, traumatic brain injury and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • nontraumatic emergencies (hyperventilation, asthma, low blood sugar, poisoning, …)
  • psychological first aid
  • Direction and guidance in an emergency
  • Introduction to Crisis Intervention