Solotime – initiate change processes


31.07.2016 – 05.08.2016
location: n.N.
Facilitator: Sylke Iacone
Language: german

Create and Facilitation of Solotime formats – initiate change processes

The prospect of a solo time, a time you spend alone in nature, triggers a variety of emotions in most people – of longing about respect, lack of understanding as to the usefulness of such an experience, as well as fear and rejection.

In this seminar you will have the opportunity to learn as a participant a 36h solo.

The self-experience of a solo is the basic requirement to be able to work later in their own field of work with solo times. Besides the required tools you draw primarily from their own experience and are authentic in this way in the manual.

In the teaching of practical tools safety Teilnehmer_innen is the focus. For the success of a solo time both a useful pre – and post-essential and the incorporation of experience into a coherent sequence.

What you can expect from this seminar:

  • Self-awareness of a 36h solo
  • Possibilities of pre – and post-processing of solo hours
  • Purpose of Solo times in different contexts
  • Knowledge of participants oriented security systems
  • Structure and sequence of solo hours
  • Opportunities and challenges in the company of mentally / emotionally unstable participants
  • Practical: Building Tarps, safety in the so-called base camp grounds right choice for solo times

If you are interested to work in the role as a participant in their own topics, visit our deal section „individual development“.