Make partings good

 18.09.2015 – 20.09.2015
Freiburg | black-forest (south-west of Germany)
Facilitator: Mart Rutkowski
Language: german

Elements of good farewell in group pedagogy and process support

Goodbyes make you sad – why people avoid it like to deal with this issue. It is all the more important that people in the context of pedagogy and process support to know how to help other people in farewell situations.

In our seminar „Farewell make good“ will be focusing on about goodbyes in group educational context. „How do we as a group well apart?“, „What do we do when a person leaves the group before?“, „How can I, as a line with the group well through this phase?“ These are the questions that we want to deal with.

In addition, however, we will have a look in assisting individuals who are currently in a farewell individual situation. As an important basis for this we will consider our personal experiences on the topic farewell, share and, based on use of our professional attitude.

  • Learn backgrounds for parallelism of mourning and farewell phases
  • You go into self-reflection and experience: „Farewell and I“
  • You will experience rituals and their functions in the farewell event
  • Learn backgrounds to „elements of good farewell“
  • You work in practice sequences on „Helping conversations with individuals“
  • You work with media such as gates, lines, feedback and gifts
  • Learn design of space frame and rituals in farewell scenarios

Working with solution and process-oriented methods in nature requires a basic understanding of systemic work.

We work with
  • Short inputs
  • Council meetings on Farewell
  • guided exercises in nature
  • Lotion and practice farewell actions
  • Exchange and reflection