U-Theory – Shaping the Future


autumn 2015
south-west Germany (Area lake of constance)
Facilitator: Ina Lockau-Vogel & Christiane Thiesen
language: german & englisch 

Seminar Series – Part 1
Personal change processes

What do we do? | How Are We Doing? | How we think? | Where does our thinking?

The book „Theory U“ by Otto scarring (published by Carl Auer Verlag) is one of the most successful new publications in recent years. Otto scarring (Professor of Economics at MIT) deals with sustainable change processes. The U-theory is a result of this and is taking the qualities of thinking, feeling and will, in the focus.

Through the „newly Become aware“ a new openness on the one hand formed, which, in turn, development and change rooms makes it appear visible and on the other hand makes transparent resistors that change processes can encrypt or hinder.

The U-theory leads us through 3 inner cities:

  • Open (look at current reality, taking other perspectives, see themselves as a whole)
  • Connect (From which sources I draw?)
  • Create (new thinking and new concepts, new processes and core activities, new practices and structures)

The first part of our seminar series „Shaping the Future“ is dedicated to the personal inner places.
In the second part we would like to dedicate leadership topics and discover together with you the possibilities for change arise from this for your leadership.

Part 1 – Inner places using the theory U discover and get to know

„The success of an intervention depends mainly on the inner attitude of the intervenor.“ (Bill O’Brian)

  • We review and learn the inner springs of our actions know new.
  • We check routines and patterns in everyday life
  • We make sure that we do a „more of the same“
  • We develop a new quality of attention
  • We develop a changed attitude toward innovation and creativity
Part 2 – Change of leadership based on the theory U (Fall 2015)
Part 3 – change of systems and institutions (Winter 2015-2016)
ways of working
  • pulselets
  • self-reflexive techniques (also in and with nature, units of 1-3 hrs. outside)
  • dialogue technology