Wheel of Change


 spring 2016
south-west Germany (Area Freiburg/ black-forest)
Facilitator: n.N.
language: english/ german

Make transitions visible – develop decision aids – to present the development goals

The wheel of change – the model of „four shields“ can be used as a tool to find hidden information and to make stages of change visible. Physical and psychological development steps can be shown to contribute to the clarification of the now-state. It is a diagnostic system that provides information about what next steps might be useful.

In a simple way and manner the model of 4 shields provides options for editing a wide variety of topics in an impressive way and to identify choices and development goals with individuals, teams, families and young people.
In intensive seminar „Wheel of Change – Model of 4 shields“ is the creative use herewith in temporary advisory settings in the foreground.

Topics that can be edited with the wheel of change:

  • Role clarification in families
  • Guiding and Leading Teams
  • Potentials in dealing with overload situations
  • Transitions in different areas of life such as
  • Design of farewells in the field of youth welfare
  • Einfindung into new roles
  • separations
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • Professional and private reorientations

Learning goals:

  • You will find different installation options to various issues.
  • You get short input on the backgrounds of the four shields.
  • You will experience the creative use of the model in nature, in the traditional consulting rooms, as preparation board on the table.
  • You are developing yourself a client-oriented approach to the wheel of change.
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