Nature-based FACILITATOR | Experiential learning Educator


17.03.2015 – 19.03.2015
24.07.2015 – 26.07.2015
kick-off seminar
english language

Apprenticeship Training

The further vocational training „Nature-Based Facilitator“ entitled „CREATE YOUR CHANGE FACILITATOR“ is aimed at actors in the fields of: youth work – Education – Vocational guidance – School Social Work – Therapy – Consulting – Training – Migration – Experiential Education – Coming-Out Processes – Vision Quest – Inclusion – Diversity Management – Changes in Society.

We assume that this is about people who graduate an educational, psychological or therapeutic vocational training in their formal vocational qualifications were / or additional training / qualifications as consulter, coaches, personal-developement, leader of vision quest  or related professional / study fields have completed the necessary qualifications.

More important than formal criteria are us life and professional experience – we are your personality and your personal skills and attitudes to engage with people. Because with these stands or falls the quality of your own later CREATE YOUR CHANGE work. Only those who are authentically experienced in training, in our opinion, can successfully work as a facilitator of orientation and transition processes.

According to extensive is before our consulting and training offering to our participants, during and after the training to „CREATE YOUR CHANGE facilitator“.